Wealthy Investor TV

Episode 6


What's it like earning $1,000 a day trading stocks?

In episode number six of Wealthy Investor TV, Carrie Keranen sits down with Tyrone Jackson to discuss winning the inner game of wealth.

Through following the Wealthy Investor approach, Carrie has put herself on the fast track to wealth creation and financial freedom.

Watch episode six of Wealthy Investor and learn how you can master simple stock strategies that produce big profits and consistent results.



Wealthy Investor students prove that trading successfully online can produce consistent, reliable profits. Learn from their success.

Trading stocks online does not have to be complicated. To win big most traders need to learn stock strategies that work consistently over time.

After watching episode six of Wealthy Investor TV, you'll get to know the power of the Wealthy Investor program.


In WI Trade School I teach you three major strategies that work consistently in up and down markets. They are:

Covered Call Writing: Covered call writing allows any investor to generate $500 to $5,000 per month.

Dividend Capturing: Institutional investors collect millions of dollars per quarter collecting dividends on Dow components like Home Depot, Verizon and Disney.

Volatility Trading: Volatility allows you to purchase a stock and program a sell order in your online trading account which will sell the stock once the price rises a specified amount. As stock prices change throughout the day, you’re making money while you are out enjoying your life.

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Yes, you can be a wealthy investor if you get started right now.

* DISCLAIMER: Stocks and options trading involves risk and is not suitable for every investor. The stocks and options prices vary and, as a result, clients may lose or gain from their original investment. Stock illustrations posted on TheWealthlyInvestor.net web site are for illustration purposes only. Your personal results as a trader/investor may vary.