Trading Options Intro


Wealthy Investor Intro to Call Option Buying

What is a call option?

A call option is the right not the obligation

to purchase a stock at given price called the strike price.

Call options are a from of leverage used by advanced traders.

XYZ Stock Trading at $50

100 shares of XYZ stock = $5,000

By contrast, one contract of an XYZ Call Option is only $500

XYZ Stock XYZ Option
50 5.00 or 500 per contract
51 5.50 or 550 per contract
52 6.00 or 600 per contract
53 6.50 or 650 per contract

Notice how one $500 contract becomes $650 when the stock increases just $3 bucks

Ten contracts for $5,000 become worth $6,500. That's a net profit of $1,500 when the stock increases just $3 bucks

The Wealthy Investor Guidelines to Option Buying

We only buy options on Dow Stocks & S&P stocks in strong up trends

To Trade Options Successfully, you'll need a financial education.

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