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Time to Buy Etsy, Inc. Shares


In the new millennium it seems as if there are 100 online communites created every week. Two of the most popular online community is for gamers and dating. However one community is still emerging: Artists, artisians and people who appreciate one-of-a-kind handcrafted works of art. One company has captured the hearts and wallets of the worldwide audience that loves handcrafted goods. That company is Etsy, Inc.  The items sold on Etsy’s website range from jewelry and accessories, to gifts for every occasion. 

Since becoming publicly traded on April 16th, 2015, Etsy, Inc. stock has soared. The company’s quarterly and annual revenue growth has recently gotten Wall Street’s attention:


  • Etsy annual revenue for 2016 was $0.365B, a 33.44% increase from 2015.

  • Etsy annual revenue for 2017 was $0.441B, a 20.9% increase from 2016.

  • Etsy annual revenue for 2018 was $0.604B, a 36.82% increase from 2017.

As the Wealthy Investor this is the kind of financial progress I love to see and invest in.  I strongly recommend Esty, Inc. (ETSY) as a growth stock to hold in your portfolio.  The 5 year and 2 year charts speak for themselves:


5-Year Chart of ETSY


2-Year Chart of ETSY

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